Photo Alliance Bay Area Currents Exhibition / by Allison Watkins


Stefan Kirkeby, Owner, Smith Andersen North Gallery and co-owner of Casemore Kirkeby Gallery, San Francisco, California

Việt Lê, Assistant Professor at California College of the Arts, San Francisco, California

Meg ShifflerDirector, San Francisco Arts Commission Galleries


Stephen Albair, Erick Andino, Bob Aufuldish,  Elizabeth Bernstein, Lisa Blatt, Leon Borensztein, Adrian Burrell, Marna Clarke, Amber Crabbe,  Monica Denevan, Nathaniel DeVivo, Richard Dweck, Lyle Gomes, Cheryl L. Guerrero,  Charlotta Hauksdottir, Liz Hickok, Virginia Hines, Phillip Hua,  Kelley Huffines, Kuo-Chen Kacy Jung, Henrik Kam, Sherry Karver, Eric Kayne, Martha Ketterer, Marie-Luise Klotz,      Vanessa Marsh,  Michael Martin, Takako Matoba, Nasim Moghadam, Michael Mokuau, Jude Mooney, Atsuko Morita, Lee Nelson, Anthony O’Donnell, Mike Perry,  Diane Pierce, Tamara Porras, Philip Sager, Mika Sperling, Liz Steketee, Martin Venezky, Pep Ventosa, Beth Waldman, Allison Watkins, DarenYou

Bay Area Currents was established to provide an opportunity for local artists working with photography to exhibit in the Bay Area and to discover and connect with other artists in the community. There was no single theme for this call, instead we were looking to see what you have been up to of late.  What we received showed a broad range of interpretations of photography including documentary, expressive, and experimental works manifested through a wide variety of styles and approaches.